Brighton & Sussex

Deborah Woolf


Lic Ac, MBAcC

Anahata Health Clinic, 119 – 120 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 OJL

Tel: 01273 698687

Deborah Woolf is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and has been practicing and teaching acupuncture for over 15 years. She trained for 4 years full time at the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM), and has been teaching Chinese Medicine, Pulse Diagnosis and Clinic Skills since she qualified. She has a special interest in women and children, as well as mental health.

Deborah acts as the coordinator and supervisor for the low cost multibed acupuncture clinic at Anahata Health Clinic. She has also helped to found and maintain many other low cost and women and children’s services within this clinic, including children’s yoga, cranial osteopathy for babies, children and pregnant women, fertility reflexology… and much more!

Deborah has followed many post graduate courses in pregnancy, labour, fertility and post partum, led by internationally respected acupuncturists and western medical practitioners. She continues to update her knowledge and skills in these areas and sees many women in her day to day practice. Apart from the birth of her own three children, Deborah has also attended many other’s home and hospital births, aided in acupuncture induction, supported women wanting to conceive, through their pregnancy and after birth.


Anahata Health Clinic, 119 – 120 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 OJL

Evenings: Yes

Labours: Yes

IVF: Yes

IVF transfer: yes

Home visits: Yes (Brighton & Hove)