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Mo Froud

Mo Froud

BSc (Hons) MBAcC

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I have an absolute passion for supporting people through their fertility journey, as a Mother, to be able to help others is incredibly rewarding.

Most people come to me quite disconnected from their bodies, and sometimes have handed their health over to others to take care of them getting pregnant. This seems incredibly  true in the case of IVF

I believe this is a journey we take together. I aim to empower women and to help them to start believing in their bodies ability to heal, it’s not broken, often just out of balance. That’s where Acupucnture and Chinese Medicine come in.

All aspects of health need to be viewed and supported to enable the right balance to achieve conception. I therefore guide patients on diet, lifestyle and even through the emotional upheaval they can experience at this time.

It can be a minefield working through test results you may receive, but you can lean on me for help in understanding what they mean. I also look through the lense of chinese medicine on how best to meet any issues head-on.

Over the years I have helped  so many couples and I will never tire of just how wonderful it is to hear when they have been successful.

I trained at the University of Westminster and graduated after completing a three year BSc(Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

IVF: yes

IVF transfer: Yes