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Many women find breastfeeding comes naturally and effortlessly to them shortly after birth, or with a few false starts, mother and baby quickly get the hang of it over the first few days of their newborn’s life. For many other new mothers breastfeeding can be difficult and they will very quickly feel demoralised, physically uncomfortable and upset.

The most important thing to do in all cases is not to wait and try and cope alone but to seek help as soon as possible.

In conjunction with other support and advice acupuncture can help many of the complications of breastfeeding including:

  • mastitis
  • blocked ducts
  • breast pain
  • lack of milk
  • overproduction of milk

It can also help you with any of the emotional issues such as guilt, sadness, anxiety and exhaustion that might be slowing down your milk supply.

Women who feel they might be running a temperature or who have red and hot areas on the breast should call their G.P or midwife as they might need medical help.

We would also recommend you contact – this is a comprehensive resource for all aspects of breastfeeding and offers expert advice on any of the difficulties you might be experiencing. Health visitors can often give good advice regarding breastfeeding.

We would also recommend you contact for a list of peer support groups in your area.