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Preparing for Labour

Preparing for labour

As obstetric acupuncturists, ACT practitioners are specifically trained to utilise the acupuncture points to facilitate each stage of labour and can help labour progress smoothly and naturally with as little intervention as possible.

Acupuncture is particularly good at maintaining regular contractions, maximising relaxation and improving endorphin release. It reduces anxiety and provides pain relief so that the mother feels energised, in control so that birth is efficient and non-traumatic for her and her baby.

Acupuncture helps in the following ways:

  • promotes stronger and more regular contractions if they slow or stop due to emotional reasons such as fear or stress
  • helps the baby descend
  • posterior cervix
  • cervical lip
  • especially helpful if the baby is ‘back-to-back’ or OP – Occipital Posterior Position
  • smoothes the transition between 1st and 2nd Stage of labour
  • good for stamina and energy during a long labour
  • reduces shock in a fast labour
  • reduces excessive blood loss
  • promotes delivery of retained placenta
  • shrinks haemorrhoids-piles

ACT practitioners work as a team and cover for each other during labours. Often an acupuncturist may only need to attend a labour for a couple of hours in the first stage of the labour. Some women in labour and their partners may ask the acupuncturist to be ‘on call’ and return if the labour does not progress smoothly.