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Acupuncture Induction

Acupuncture induction

If you are post-term, acupuncture can be very effective at promoting the onset of spontaneous labour.

Acupuncture points are used to help descend the baby into the pelvic area, to aid cervical dilation and to stimulate uterine contractions. It helps prepare you emotionally, mentally and physically for the birth and stimulates the hormones needed to initiate labour. It also strongly calms any fears and anxieties that can overwhelm women when they go past their due dates.

In addition it is very good at promoting optimum fetal positioning; helping to find the best position for the baby’s head within the pelvis. It is also energising and will give you the added strength and confidence to ‘let go’ and relax into having an effective labour and delivery.

During your treatment, you, and, if possible, your birth partner will be taught how to use acupressure on the ‘induction’ points for you to repeat at home. This will help you build on the strength of the treatment, further encouraging your body to spontaneously go into labour.

Acupuncture ‘induction’ is a natural treatment; it works with your body’s own preparations for birth by encouraging your body to work optimally.

It is often helpful to have more than one session of acupuncture over successive days to help promote spontaneous labour.

Acupuncturists are bound by their own code of ethics not to provide this treatment until a woman is at term i.e. on or past her due date.

If possible, please bring your midwifery notes with you to your acupuncture induction session.